County Clare has been in the studio at various times in June and July tracking and singing 14 songs for a new cd.  The rhythm tracks were recorded at Eastwood Studios in Cana, VA and engineered by Wes Easter.  The majority of vocal tracking was done in Nashville, TN at Slack Key Studios and engineered by Randy Kohrs.  We have written a majority of the songs -- 8 tracks were written or co-written by Shannon (Heather is credited on 3 of those) and 1 track each was written by both Cliff Bailey (bass player with County Clare) and Alex Hibbitts (mandolin player with County Clare).  We are hoping to wrap the project up by the early fall and release sometime this winter. 


One More Road is available for purchase --- $15 + shipping and handling for a hard copy and $9.99 for a download copy of the disc.

If you want your copy autographed please indicate by emailing us!!